Saturday 27 July 2013


Hi beautiful authors,

On Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site, we offer our talented magical storytellers two ways to advertise on our site.

The three methods of sharing your work with a larger YA, Fantasy audience are as follows:

  • Book of the Month
  • Blog Tours
  • Advertising on the Fiery Books’ page

Book of the Month

Each month, we look at amazing books that we have either reviewed or books which have been recommended to us by readers or the author of the novel.

These books must have at least 4 wings on the Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site or an average of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon or Smashwords.

Once we make our decision, one book will be posted on the main page of our site and will remain there for a month, without any fee or payment from the author or person to recommend this fantastic read to us.

If you would like to recommend a book for the 'book of the month' space on our site, then please email us with the following information and who knows...your recommendation could be there next month:

  • An Amazon or Smashword link for the recommended book
  • Genre of Book (e.g. YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, etc)
  • Average amount of stars (or wings)

We may delay a book if we are overwhelmed with requests but if this is the case, if we are interested in your book then we may post it in future months, so keep checking our site.


Advertising on the 'Fiery Books’ page

Some author’s do not want to have a Blog Tour but still want to advertise their work to a larger audience, so Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site understood this and have created another option which helps authors advertise their work to the visitors (and followers) of site.

Here are the Fiery Books Advertising Packages for Authors:

Anymore Information?

Please select which package you would like to purchase and please Email Us immediately (with the name of your book, authors name, book description and URL link(s)).

Once you have made the purchase (please ensure you have a VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT before making the purchase and put your name as the PayPal Reference), we will send you a confirmation / acknowledgement email, which also give you an approximate time limit (usually within 12 hours from payment).

NOTE: If you would like to book a Blog Tour then please go to the Blog Tours Page.

Thank you everyone :)

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