Tuesday 25 June 2013

Fiery Fantasy Blog Tours

What are Blog Tours?

Blog Tours are the virtual version of a book tour.

Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site will send you an email with all the information we need from you about your masterpiece and we will contact all the Bloggers to get your tour information on their blogs.

Why Should I invest in a Blog Tour?

Trying to create a Blog Tour is very time consuming and you are not guaranteed that all the Bloggers you contact will accept your Blog Tour proposal.

At Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site, we have a list of Bloggers who we connect with to do Blog Tours, therefore saving you the annoyance of rejection.

They update their sites regularly and have a substantial following, which increases exposure for you, and your books, quickly.

Also, many Blog Tour Hosts provide a large number of links to other Blogs they are affiliated with, making them look like they have many connections, however many of these links are either broken or the specific blog is not longer active or posting.

At Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site, we regularly check our Blog Tour Hosts links to ensure they are still able to participate in Blog Tours and if they are not, we remove them for them list.

Is there a fee?

Yes, unfortunately we would love to do this service for free but it is also time consuming for us and we charge based on the time it takes us to contact the Bloggers, send them your information in a clean, precise format and update our own site with your tour data.

Our fees are inexpensive, and competitive, and we feel we have a package to suit all needs:

NOTE: All packages are for PROMOTIONAL TOURS ONLY.

Why use Fiery Fantasy Book Reviews Site for my Blog Tour?

At Fiery Fantasy, we keep the author informed every step of the way. If there is something the author is not happy with, we will change it (should we receive enough notice) as we understand the importance of this service to authors and all we want to do is get you the maximum amount of exposure possible.

Also, we only use Bloggers who update their site regularly and have a substantial following.

What happens next?

Should you be interested in purchasing a particular package then please Contact Us and we will set up your Blog Tour for you.

Anymore Information?

Please understand that it takes some time to contact all the Bloggers and make your tour perfect, so we need at least 4 weeks notice before your intended blog date.

Also, if you are a Blogger and want to connect with us by becoming a Blog Tour Host, please fill in the Become a Blog Tour Host Form and we will send you tours which you can sign up to.

Please read the information carefully before signing up.

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